ZriiNew™ Night Cream
SKU: 111021
32, 45
Rich, long-lasting hydration for a youthful-looking skin

ZriiNew’s luxurious and clinically proven night cream deeply hydrates, nourishes, and renews the skin for a dewy, radiant and youthful-looking complexion. Formulated with Zrii’s exclusive MicroMelt™ blend, our night cream features special, micro-sized ingredients that penetrate deeply into the skin where they can do their best work. An added bonus of MicroMelt™ technology: it offers rich, dewy hydration without the grease or oily residue of other creams. Designed for all skin types, ZriiNew’s night cream brightens and evens out skin tone; gives you rich, long-lasting hydration; and firms the skin so that your complexion looks gorgeous, fresh and renewed.

USAGE: After using ZriiNew Facial Exfoliator and applying the ZriiNew Facial Serum, apply a layer of ZriiNew Night Cream onto the entire face in upward, circular motions. Gently rub into skin until product is completely absorbed.