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Optimal Strength, Purity & Potency

Thought all Omega-3 supplements were created equal? Think again! Zrii Omega-3 boasts a whopping 1,300 mg of pure omega-3 oils (including 650mg EPA and 450mg DHA). Our oils undergo triple molecular distillation, the industry standard for removing toxins and impurities, and are mixed with a proprietary antioxidant blend to preserve freshness. The result: optimum purity, quality and potency. Zrii Omega-3 supports many aspects of health and wellbeing, including optimal heart health, brain function, immunity, joints, and skin, The best part? You get all of this with absolutely NO fishy aftertaste or burp effect -- thanks a natural, delicious lemon flavor.

60 softgels (30 servings) per bottle
Take two (2) softgels with 6-8 ounces of water daily after meal.